Our primary purpose for this ministry effort is “So the next generation would know–even the children not yet born–and they in turn, would tell their children. That they might set their hope in God, and not forget His deeds, but keep His commandments.” Psalm 78:6-7.  Our desire is to assist youth in learning about God and developing a personal relationship with Him through belief in Jesus Christ. Provide youth opportunities to increase and apply knowledge of biblical principles, serve in the church and community, communicate their faith and worship God in a context that applies to their age group and interests. All activities are centered on the following categories: worship, evangelism, community service, Christian education, spiritual growth, leadership and Christian fellowship.
Overseer:  Deacon Anthony Turner
Team Leaders: Ministerial Staff Member (Rev. Clem McCullough)
Current Members: 
Sister Marissa Parker, Brother Michael Bledsoe: Teen Activities/Church (13-19yr)
Sister Star Jones:  ELEVATE Tween Activities (9-12yr) email: elevate@ctcchurch.orgClick to learn more
Sister Jackie Roberson: Children Activities (0-12yr) 
Elevate (Tween) and Teen Church 1st/3rd Sunday 10a-11:30a
Children’s Church every other 4th Sunday 10a-11:30a
Divisions of the Youth Ministry:  Basketball, Elevate (Tweens, Children’s Activity Coordinator, Children’s Church, Nursery, Teen Choir, Teen Church and Vacation Bible School).
Our target audience is Nursery, Elementary, Jr. High School, High School and College students.
Other CTC members can help support the Youth ministry by: Being A Christian Role Model, Chaperoning / volunteering, Correct, encourage and interact with Youth; Encourage students to participate in activities, and make God and their church commitments a priority.