The resource section of our website is dedicated to provide online access to a variety of CTC requests and forms to further facilitate meeting our congregation’s needs in an orderly, timely and efficient manner. Please provide any constructive feedback as we work together to utilize this technology which prayerfully will be of great benefit to our congregation and overall ministry efforts.  Send any feedback to Sister Ruby Sullivan at
This section is established to provide access to request forms which can be completed online and electronically sent directly to the appropriate CTC team member once they have been completed. 
This section is established to provide forms that can be downloaded and printed afterwards, submitting the hard copy for further processing. For example a Word document.
Coming Soon! – the following forms will be posted for the convenience of CTC ministry leadership or an authorized team representative.  Some forms are password-protected and will require a password to gain access.  In these cases, you’ll need to contact your ministry leader to gain access:
  1. Mini-Event Program Flyer (single and double-sided format) – Authorization Required
  2. Full-Page Event Flyer Authorization Required