Our Mission: 
Promote spiritual and personal growth by enlightening, encouraging, and building women up through the teachings of God.
Our Vision: 
Seek God Continually.  Serve him Faithfully.  Share Him Boldly.

Overseer:  Deacon Lillie Douglas  Ministry Servant Leader:  Deacon Gloria Covington


Team Members:  Sister Del Joiner, Sister Chris Palmer, Sister Bernice Watson

The Women’s Ministry has many components: 

  • Bible Study – To transform the hearts and minds of those women that attend. 
  • Women’s Fellowship – a time set aside for all women to praise, worship, pray, testify, and receive the preached word. 
  • Conference/Women’s Retreat –- To refresh, renew, refill and prepare us for the next level of growth.
  • Women’s Annual Spring Luncheon and volunteer/community service.
Our target audience is all women. Other CTC members help to support our ministry through prayer and participation.
Once we return to in-person fellowship, you are invited to Join us on the 4th Thursday of each month 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.  We share in the Word of God, have some fun, food and great fellowship. Bring a dish (optional) and you’re always welcome to bring a friend.
Check out our Master Church Calendar to view other events.
Click here to view the CTC Church Calendar or copy/paste the link into your browser:  ctcchurch.org/calendar