Leadership Team

As a ministerial team, our overall mission is to work in a collaborative, prayerful manner to help souls find freedom from hurt, hang-ups and habits by providing spiritual counsel, outreach and guidance through the power of deliverance from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  
At CTC, we strive to follow Jesus’ model of servant leadership.  Our congregation is served by myself, five associate ministers, ten deacons and two elders coupled with a host of servant-leaders and committed ministry workers.

Ministerial Support Team 

Minister Pauline Askew

Min. Pauline Askew

Minister April Brock

Min. April Brock

Minister Sue Delaney
Minister Bill McCoy      
Minister Rosemary Newman


Deacon Gloria Covington
Deacon Lillie Douglas
Deacon Lucy Horton
Deacon Adrenis Hurd
Deacon Clifford Hurd
Deacon Larry Lucas
Deacon Brenda McCoy
Deacon Richard Newman
Deacon Richard Palmer
Deacon Charlotte Payne
Deacon Victor Shook
Deacon Anthony Turner
Jr. Deacon Jalen Comier
Jr. Deacon Antonio Cormier
Jr. Deacon Alexander Blackshear


Elder Howard Cumberlander
Elder Richard Newman
Elder Willie Rhodes