Our team ministers to a group of families in the Deaconate Family Ministry Plan and mentor any one wishing to assist in the Deaconate Family Ministry Plan as a Deaconate Captain. The work of the Deaconate Family Ministry Plan consist of the following:

Visiting Families
Upon request the Deaconate representative will visit with their assigned families. Be available to serve when someone in your Deaconate families is in the hospital or has sorrow or sickness in the home. We always respect the privacy of all families and maintain a high degree of confidentiality.
Witnessing To Unsaved Family Members
One of the Deaconate’s chief concerns is that every member of your Deaconate families knows Christ as Savior.
Rejoicing With Your Families
The Deaconate should share in the joys of their Deaconate families, when they celebrate important events or accomplishments in their lives.
Being A Friend
As the Deaconate listens to the troubles and concerns of their Deaconate families, they will know someone cares.
Giving Support In Times of Crisis
Sometimes the Deaconate can help their Deaconate families through the crisis by listening and giving support. Other times the Deaconate will know someone else, or a community agency that can help, or refer them to the CTC Benevolence Committee.
Answering Questions About Our Faith
or About Our Church or Denomination
The Deaconate will try to find the answers for any questions of their Deaconate families and response on a timely basis.
Helping your families know and have fellowship with other members
and families in the church
The Deaconate will encourage families to participate in social occasions, when the families in their assigned group, or other church members get together for fun and fellowship.
Helping members of your families find ways to serve in and through the church
The Deaconate will watch for opportunities for the members of their Deaconate families to use their talents, skills, and abilities that God has given them.
Praying for and with the families
Believing in the power of prayer and that the families are important to God, the Deaconate will seek all opportunities to join with the Pastor, the Deaconate Captains and Ministers in praying for the members of their Deaconate families.

The Deaconate (or Deacon Board) consist of men and women who hold the office of Deacon and Deaconess, respectively. There may be any number of Deacons or Deaconesses, as the need arises. The Pastor is an ad hoc member of the Deaconate. The Deaconate of Christian Tabernacle Church is to watch over the Christian life and the physical needs of the members of the church. Overseer:  Deacon Victor Shook Servant Ministry Team Leaders: Deacon Victor Shook  – Chairman, Deacon Richard Palmer  – Co-Chair

Other Deaconate Members: Lillie Douglas, Brenda McCoy, Gloria Covington, Lucy Horton, Adrenis Hurd, Clifford Hurd, Larry Lucas, Richard Newman. Charlotte Payne and Anthony Turner.  Junior Deaconate Members:  Jalen Comier, Antonio Comier, Alexander Blackshear.



Our desire is to minister to needs of our church congregation members and anyone who is in need of Christian fellowship. CTC members can help to support our ministry by being prepared to support and assist any of the ministries’ initiatives in the areas of teaching, directing, coaching such as the Missionary, Youth, Men and Women Day activities.


Each month a report is completed by each member of the Deaconate for each member that is in their care. We pray for their physical and spiritual wellness and provide assistance as we are lead by the Holy Spirit.