Team Leader(s) :
Beverly Harris, Derrick Robinson

Team Members:
Joyce Bullocks, Paul Clausell.
Howard Cumberlander (Emeritus),
Steve Collins, Chandra Fitzpatrick,
Walter Gore,  Wes Hurd,
Pam Jordan (Treasurer), Darryl Watson
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The primary purpose of our ministry is to manage the day-to-day operation of the church’s physical structures, oversee its assets, coordinate support services for auxiliaries/ministries, and encourage the membership in their stewardship responsibilities.

Our target audience is geared toward CTC leadership, parishioners and visitors who participate in any of the Sunday and weekly services, training classes and community outreach activities that take place in accordance with the mission of the church.

CTC members can help support our ministry efforts by being good stewards and adhering to the recommendations provided by the Trustees regarding safety and security.