Church Photography

Overseer:  Elder Howard Cumberlander
The mission of the CTC Photography Ministry is to ensure our ministries have photographers available to document ministry events, and further share the Gospel.
Our ministry is currently comprised of two volunteer photographers who have a passion for photography and a heart to serve God and our church. We do our best to provide photographs by request for specific needs which are pre-approved by the ministry overseer or a member of the CTC leadership team.
If you have a request, please complete the form below.

To request photography services for official CTC events, all ministry leaders or event planning coordinators should complete this form at least two weeks in advance of the planned event. The photographer(s) will provide the requesting party with a response confirming their availability at least one week prior to the event, provided required (two week’s) notice is given.

Thank You,

Church Photographers

Walt Gore & Andrew Zydell