Church Announcement Request

 The Lord has equipped us in various roles for works of service,
so that the body of 
Christ may be built-up” (Ephesians 4:10-15). 
Let us work together to promote the ministry work
the Lord has called you to do!
If this is your first time using the form, please review the submission guidelines before completing the form.  The form has been designed to facilitate your request for posting authorized church information on the following church-approved communication platforms: website, social media sites, mini-flyer, bulletin publication and CTC LCD monitors.
Please let me know if you experience any challenges with submitting your request. 
(Sister Ruby Sullivan via email
The submission guidelines are designed to support proper planning for gathering and disbursing information to communicate your event.  “But everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way.”  1 Cor 14:40 (NIV)

Website, Social Media & Bulletin Post Request

All requests must be submitted no later than Wednesday, 12:00 Noon.  Requests received after the deadline will be posted the following week (if applicable).
After your request has been received, a draft will be generated and a preview/approve email communication sent prior to final posting.  If no response is received by Thursday 8:00 p.m., the post will be reflected as it has been submitted. However, in the case of ‘missing or conflicting’ information — no posting will appear until clarification is received.
Bulletin content for events scheduled out more than one month (example, Christmas Around The World, upcoming annual women/men events will appear abbreviated over time to allow space for other postings.  However, the full content will likely continue to appear on other communication platforms (website, social media) due to their larger space capacity.
In addition, modification to the original post will automatically be reflected as needed without initiation from the requester, if further clarification is required, an email communication will be initiated.

Half-Sheet Flyer Request

All requests must be submitted at least 2 Wednesdays in advance of the requested date. 
Submission of mini-event flyer requests have been minimized and are reserved for special occasions Black History program, Choir Christmas Program, Food Basket Requests, etc. 
After the Ministry/Overseer has approved the flyer, an email with a PDF print-ready file will be sent to both the requester and CTC Admin Office for printing and final processing.  The ministry is responsible for following-up with the CTC Admin Office to ensure the final output is ready for your event.
Church LCD Monitor Request must be submitted at least 2-weeks in-advance of the requested date.
 Note: this option will not be available until February 15, 2020.