Pastor’s Aid

As a pastoral care ministry team, our overall objective is to provide support the Pastor and his family spiritually and emotionally through prayer and with a variety of activities and other services. Realizing and understanding that the ultimate goal is to be a blessing to the blessing that God has given us.

Vision Statement: Give wholehearted service to God through the man of God, respecting him and complying with the command and demands that God has given him as our pastor.

Our Mission: Our mission is to serve our pastor and his family whole hardheartedly. “The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honor, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching.” 1 Timothy 5:17 (NIV).

Overseer:  Senior Pastor Robbie R. Robinson
Pastoral Care Team:  Sisters: Deborah Love,  Joyce Bullocks, Betty Duncan, Nae Turner, Troyce Aderogba, Linda Lucas

 We take responsibility for providing various items for the Pastor to accommodate his office and other needs. The ministry also plans and leads the church in celebrating the Pastor’s Anniversary, birthday, appreciation events, and other special occasions.   Some other specific tasks include:

  • Provide and accommodate pulpit services at our church.
  • Accompany the Pastor to his speaking engagements at other churches.
  • Ensure that the Pastor has breakfast between morning services.
  • Shop for supplies such as toiletries, water, juice, etc.
  • Provide any assistance requested to assist the Pastor in attaining his goals.
  • Provide support to our ministerial support team as needed.

Pastoral Care Team Meeting:

3rd Sunday (9:15 a.m.)

If you have a heart for service, prayerfully consider assisting us in
service to our Pastor and his family.